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During winter, I love to sink into the season of darkness. I like to curl up with a cup of steaming tea. I put my coziest slippers on when I wake. I like to bundle up to tend my winter garden, see my breath while I water the young garlic and leafy greens early in the morning. Arrive home at night and notice all the snail trails glistening in my bike lights glow on the sidewalk.

Smoothies are a great quick breakfast or lunch. They use up the fruits and vegetables you have on hand that might be going bad. The one hang up is they’re COLD. So I just heat them up! Okay that’s just soup, and you guys are on to me, this blog post is about eating soup in winter. But wait, usually I make soup with broth and veggies and it takes a long time. My winter hot smoothies, not so much.

Just like making a summer smoothie, I throw some frozen organic blueberries in the blender, I grab the leftover sweet potato from the fridge, a date, a shot of oatstraw infusion, maca powder, cinnamon for digestion and all go into the blender. If it was summer, I’d stop there. Drink that up. But it’s winter so I pour it into my tiny cast iron skillet and heat it up slowly. As it’s heating I throw in some cashews and some chia I had soaked in coconut water. I put oats and butter on top. It’s so warm and sweet and the best winter morning comfort food!

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