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We had a big enough storm that some people and businesses had power out for several days. Lots of trees and branches came down; daycare was closed the next day due to neighbor's metal garage roof blowing into the play area. We were lucky to have our power cut for only five hours and mostly while we were sleeping!

The morning of the storm was very cold and there was lots of frost on the garden. We had extra frost, I think, because I recently installed a "scarecrow" water sprayer thing to deter stray cats from pooping in the garden. I'm not sure how well it works but I think the extra water being sprayed added to our frost.

It was beautiful to watch the sun come around the garage and see the line of frost in the shade and no frost in the sun.

A dear eucalyptus tree that was by far the tallest thing around fell in this storm. This tree was very dear to us in that it's along our frequent walking and running route and we often stop and say hi to it and marvel at how large it is; it's the most notable tree in our neighborhood I think. The trunk is probably over 10' in diameter and whole worlds can be found in the twisting surfaces of the trunk with lots of nooks and crannies. I'd also tell kiddo to see if he could see the top when we stood under this tree on our walks. I think the tree was 60+ feet tall.

The folks living adjacent to this tree suffered long power outages as it took out many power lines and at least two cars. I don't them but hope they are all safe! One small side branch of this tree remains and I hope it gets to stay and live longer with it's marvelous trunk still right be the sidewalk.

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