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Okay that title is probably misleading because I don't do all that much sitting at my sit spot with 3-year old in tow!

But we made it out to our spot Friday, October 15th, Sunday the 17th and today Friday the 22nd!

On the 15th we checked out the pond and the channel the kids were digging the week before. The little pond had refilled and we saw lots of fish and frogs in it!

On the 17th our friend Megan joined us, I took no photos, but we did the walk around the little pond again and dug some tunnels in the sand at the beach directed by head engineer kiddo! The tunnels were mostly washed away today after the big rain. We saw flickers, acorn woodpeckers and a kingfisher.

Today we only had a short time between other obligations but we really wanted to do a short walk and visit the beach because it rained so hard this morning! The river days crew was having a bonfire in the picnic shelter and we walked by on our way to the beach. We didn't linger at the usual beach but walked over to the more rocky beach with the rapids. Kiddo got naked and got in despite the extreme chilliness and fast moving water! Though the sun had started to come out by this time!

We saw a huge salmon splashing its way through the little rapids upstream. It had a rigid, noticeable fin on it's back.

We saw acorn woodpeckers in the usual spot flying to and from the cotton wood tree. We saw a pair of towhees in some undergrowth on the path out.

We got to sit by the fire for a few minutes and warm up before heading home!

Here's a picture of today's cloudiness after the big rain and the same spot on a sunny day last week!

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