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Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Our friends threw us a lovely baby blessing at the park we go to for our sit spot. The pavilion where we had the gathering is by the parking lot where we always see magpies (and today was no exception) before we start our walk down to the river.

We biked out there as a family and biked back to town with our friends. I was nervous about the 10+ mile ride since I haven't biked in a bit other than the short ride to daycare drop-off and my belly is pretty big now! The ride ended up being lovely and totally do-able with a few stretch breaks to make some more room in my belly after bending over the bike.

Our friends decorated the pavilion with bouquets of manzanita from their front yard, lovely table clothes and brought our favorite gluten-free donuts!

It was so nice to gather after a couple years with a dearth of gatherings.

Our friends offered a circle where all shared how they first met our family and their own ancestry. After that round they offered a red string for each person to tie on their wrist and as they tied it on, each person offered a lovely blessing or words of support for our upcoming birth and baby and new family constellation.

It was fun to go down the memory lane of first meetings with all these friends and the blessings were so special. Joel offered a song at the end that we all sung.

Kiddo spent most of the circle time walking around handing out sticks, then re-collecting them which was both cute and very convenient since he stayed in the circle and we didn't have to chase after him.

Joel's Song:

While you are away

From your people we will pray

In your birthing you will find

Balance in your heart and mind

Beth's Birth Mantra's:

"Relax, breathe, do nothing extra"

"Labor is hard work, it hurts, and you can do it"

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