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Back at the river after two weeks off for a road trip to Portland, we parked on the South side of the river today having been given the hot tip that Great Horned Owlets were about. And they were! Only there was nothing baby about them; these not-yet-fledged owls were at least 1' tall! They were perched on a branch (out of, but very near, their nest).

After some joyful basking in the presence of these adorable owlets we hiked over the bridge to our regular sit spot at William Pond.

And it was HOT out for the first time this year. We waded into the water but didn't totally swim yet, mostly only because due to the long hike from the owls we had less time than usual.

Lots of hawks (red shoulder I think) calling and flying about when we first arrived, no one on the snag, yellow irises blooming, lupine blooming, wild radish still blooming. And sticky plant - is it Yerba Santa? - also blooming! We were just about to leave when the BALD EAGLE showed up again! We watched the eagle just fall out of the sky towards the water at one point. What a show!

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