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My 3 1/2 year old sometimes just whacks a stick around and plays "wrecking ball" in the garden, but he also has a great balance of showing interest in the natural world and has an amazingly deep sense of curiosity!

This morning we went out side to collect the laundry (more on that in a minute) and get some morning light.

Mornings can be tricky but I always try to get us outside as early as possible (which isn't always very early) to get the benefits of early morning light and practice my sensory awareness tools like Owl Eyes or Open Eyed Grounding.

Today I was pulling laundry off the line while Kiddo pointed out the bees on the borage. He was so articulate about the bees, noting that they were getting nectar out of the flowers to make honey. He really just enjoyed watching them and asked me where they put the nectar. I told them they have little bags on their legs. Hopefully that is close to right!

I think I've noted this here before but it's important for me to remember: I often think as summer starts that I need to stop using my dryer and line dry for the specific reasons of saving energy and money. Then I start line drying and I remember how important it is as a moving-bird-sit! If there can be such a thing. I'm tempted to says its a great way to stack my life but my husband just told me to stop stacking my life and start focusing on one thing at a time (one thing at a time is his jam; mine is as many things at a time as possible! Ah so much room for balance there!).

I always notice the birds when I'm outside alone repetitively hanging up laundry and I always tell myself this is the REAL reason to line dry! Yesterday there were scrub jays alarming when I went out. I am curious if they nest in the privet just beyond the southeast corner of our property, behind our garage. A few other birds dashed west including one low flying, larger, light-colored blur. At first I thought that could be the cause of alarm, but maybe it was just a dove? I think it made a new-to-me sound as it flew over that did NOT sound like a hawk but maybe a dove sound?

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