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February 13th Benchmarking: Dutchman's Pipe Vine is blooming, hawks seem to be getting flirty, crows seem to have no patience for hawks. Today we saw five crows chase of a hawk (I think a red tail). The pests (snails and slugs?) that eat our seedlings are back after a quiet few months now munching a bit on our lettuce, cilantro and kale seedlings. Peas volunteered in the garden and are about 10" tall already. I planted some peas we started near these and set up a trellis for them today. We get several calendula blooms a day. I leave some for the bees and take a few inside to dry for oil.

The weather has been perfect, spring-like in the 60s and sunny. Gardened in a tank top today! We've had a few rainy days interspersed and the sound of the rain has been so lovely.

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