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Updated: May 30, 2021

My dad brought me a wonderful hand-me-done tripod so I finally used a scope I had been gifted two years ago! This was a special sit spot Sunday because my mom and dad joined Milo and I while Kevin worked.

We took the new tripod out to our usual sit spot and hiked a bit down river to a place where there are lots of Heron and Egret nests. There was already much less activity in terms of egrets flying back and forth to the nests than there was last week, but we got to look right into the nests with the scope!

We collected the first St. John's Wort of the season - just a tiny bit. And made about 4 ounces of oil. I recently took a class with Dr. Keith Condliffe of Nature Code Community and he said that St. John's Wort is one of the best herbs on the planet for supporting the pineal gland and our own magic. He said if St. John's Wort could speak he thinks it would say, "Don't put me in the depression box. I'm more about resetting the light; bringing in the light to the pineal gland. And when I bring in the light I help with things like depression. I restore the circadian rhythm".

I wash my face with St. John's Wort oil almost daily (sometimes I just use plain coconut oil). Letting this oil seep deep into my face and massage into my pineal gland is such a balm. I get a very hot washcloth and lay it on my face after massaging the oil in and that just helps the oils seep in and it's so relaxing!

And we saw the killdeer family again. Mama was sitting on eggs and as we walked by she alarmed and Dada Killdeer came flying in alarming.

I also looked closely at the big white clumps of flowers that grow on the "bean trees" with the huge leaves. They are gorgeous and have purple speckles and orange markings. Looking forward to learning what tree this is!

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