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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We left for our wagon walk to Tahoe Park right about 12:30 - the South time of day.

According to Coyote's Guide / 8 Shields the South time of day is when birds immerse themselves in the full-throttled work of feeding and building while humans are in the full swing of their day. Inertia has been overcome and everything is in the groove.

The parallel season and human time of life are summer and adolescence.

The general feelings are work and busyness with key on Focus and Perspiration.

The attribute of connection is Commitment to Mentoring.

We clearly saw the busyness of birds on this walk! We saw quite a few goldfinch eating seeds off of trees, first balancing precariously and sometimes completely upside down on the dangling seed-balls of the liquid amber tree. Video Below.

Before we saw any of these birds though, we saw thousands of bees in our neighbors tree (maybe a willow). It was flowering. We noticed the bees by sound before we saw them. There was a lovely hum as we walked under the very low tree. We stepped back and saw all the bees busily going from flower to flower. They were really embodying the full-throttled work characteristic of the South. Video below.

When we arrived at the park I heard a bird call that reminded me of the Acorn Woodpeckers that we see at the river. We looked up into a leafless tree and there was a striped woodpecker with no red on it. Maybe a Nuttall's or Downy?

We saw a hawk soar over in the distance as we ran around the playground. We moved our operation over to the volleyball court to get some sand-digging in and there was a flicker in the tree right above us, mostly just sitting there in its upright position.

We saw the finches on another tree with seeds on our way home.

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