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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

We saw a coyote's tail running off as we started down the path just as the sun was rising.

We always say hi to the live oak - our gateway tree - as we step onto the narrow path to the beach. Kiddo had everyone hug the tree this morning (Gram and Bop were with us!).

The sunrise and mist / fog over the river was gorgeous, but it was only 29 degrees when we arrived!

We made coffee, tea, ate muffins and then hiked over to the pond.

At the beach we saw a couple egrets, a kingfisher, a couple flickers; an acorn woodpecker flew over. The river was flowing faster than usual as I could see by how fast the ducks swept downstream as they tried to dive.

The water was really high; we couldn't cross either little creek / inlet at each end of the beach today. We haven't seen it that high yet this year.

I got a picture of the snag to go with these others I took on previous trips just to a get a picture of the generally same area throughout the seasons of the year.

In the spirit of traditions, ritual, and marking time going by way too fast, here's last new year's day at sunrise at the same spot and the year before just a bit upriver, a bit past sunrise, climbing a tree.

Here's my 2021 Sit Spot Report:

And in the spirit of benchmarking, how many weeks did we make it out per month?

(There might have been a couple more trips in there I didn't manage to record especially evening dinner time trips with the whole fam).

February 3/4

March 3/4

April 2/4 (Oregon Trip)

May 4/5

June 1/4 (Car Trouble)

July 1/4 (Sick)

August 1/5 (Illinois Trip)

September 1/4

October 3/5

November 1/4 (We attended a lot of cross races, did a family bike ride along river and Freedom Keeper's gathering kept us away this month)

December 0/4 (Lot's of activities like Christmas Tree cutting, tweed ride, cross races and parent's visit kept us busy!)

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