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We've learned, from one of our doctors, Dr. Tilden, that getting early morning sun in your eyes and on your skin sets you up for not burning when you're in the midday and afternoon sun.

It also helps set your circadian rhythm to see sunrise and sunset.

We bring our breakfast out to the backyard often. We're visiting family in Illinois now and there's a lovely trail here we've been walking in the early mornings.

We've seen cardinals almost every morning sitting at the tops of trees.

It has rained and thunder stormed a couple time since we have been here and the wet vegetation smells so fresh and good.

Speaking of good smells, we also passed a recently mowed field on a bike ride and it must have been a lot of clover among the grass because it smelled so sweet and good too!

We flew a kite yesterday and a lovely hawk came to check it out but quickly moved on!

It is so much more green here with the summer rains!

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