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We stopped for coffee and granola bars at the Mill and then rode along the south side of the river which was new to me. We found a nice beach spot that was really pretty but sadly under some power lines.

However a huge highlight for me was, as we were leaving we looked towards the pond in the first picture and saw a kingfisher dive in! It flew right back up to the other side and a few minutes later back to its original perch. This was my first time seeing this bird dive, it was so stunning!

We found a spot further down, past Watt for our next break where we ate our lunch. This spot had some big clay chunks to stand on and that had fallen in the river.

From one big clay outcropping we had an amazing view of a number of huge fish chasing each other about. (Video Below.)

We saw a Great Blue Heron chase off some ducks with a lot of calling at the ducks. That Heron and two egrets posted up across the river from us among some fallen logs.

We heard kinglets, saw lots of scrub jays and acorn woodpeckers and saw a flicker fly by.

I would love to go back to the power line pond and watch for the kingfisher again sometime when I have more time to sit and when I bring binoculars!

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