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The moon is a lovely silver in the sky tonight, just a couple days past dark moon.

Today I heard a knocking on my window and it was a kinglet flitting from the lemon tree to the screen and possibly eating spiders off the window. Knock, knock, knock.

I haven’t seen many kinglets this winter. I usually have one kinglet hanging about my yard over winter and I see it frequently or every day. I also see them at the river and parks. I recently realized it’s almost time for them to depart and I spent so little time with them this year. I wonder if there have been less kinglets about this year?

The Redbud is beautifully bloomed and the Valley Oaks have these really soft green new leaves on them.

A few days ago kiddo spotted a hawk out the window, sitting on the fence across the street! We watched it together and it flew off behind neighbor's house. He does a lot of birding over breakfast as we have big windows around our breakfast table and he calls out to me what he sees! He'll notice house sparrows and note they are pumping their tails. He pointed out three mockingbirds having a little tiff a bit ago. Are they picking nesting partners?

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