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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Making art is such a treat and I want to remind myself to keep doing it, even when I think I don't have time, the "right" materials or skills.

Making little cards for people is a great way to get myself to this. I shared some examples in this post.

I made one Christmas card for our daycare to send with the photo cards I printed out. The daycare is called Happy Gnome and it's really fun to make Gnome-themed cards. It's also fun to keep working with the same elements and see how I can improve them! I didn't have quite the right colors of paper; the exacto knife I had wasn't the best, and I made this one card over the course of a few sessions around kiddo's needs and my work schedule but I love how it turned out. Lesson learned: make the thing anyways. Don't waste time and money going to get the "perfect" supplies. Have fun!

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