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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

The Oak Infusion with ACV worked beautifully on my very-oily-at-the-time hair a couple weeks ago.

Two days later I tried a Rose Infusion with ACV and that did not work quite as good but I think it may be because it was only two days later and I don't usually "wash" my hair that often. It was maybe a little more frizzy?

I'm now five days out from Rose Rinse, haven't washed or rinsed my hair since and it still is super clean and NOT oily.

Tomorrow I'm going to try this Cold Marshmallow Infusion that I'm letting infuse overnight. I'll mix it with ACV. I'm wondering if the moistening qualities of marshmallow will make my curls pop?

I've also dropped the baking soda wash before the ACV / herbal infusion rinse for now.

Per The Wise Wytch's recent podcast (which is so great!) on Hair Care I've been exfoliating my scalp with a brush at the start of my shower and per that same podcast am going to try Rhassoul Clay next!

***UPDATE: So the Marshmallow rinse turned out great!! My hair is super soft. I think the longer stretch between "washing" was part of the great turn out. I think the Rose was too soon.

A benefit of the Rose and Oak Rinses is that I infused them with hot water right before I used them and the rinse was therefore warm! I have rinsed with ACV for years and it's always cold compared to the nice warm shower water! The Marshmallow was a cold infusion so while it was easy to make the night before it was back to a chilly rinse!

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