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As much as this blog is about Nature Connection, Seasonal Benchmarking and Herbalism; I'm also including art projects now because I want to remember to connect to my creativity in this way too!

Kiddo had his school Valentine party early on a day when all the kids are there.

On actual Valentine's we had a little after-dinner family Valentine party where we opened a package from Gram and Bop and exchanged Valentine Cards we made each other.

I've been playing around with four-way symmetrical mandala art based on instructions from Olivia over at

I made an earthy, hot radish card with some manzanita flowers for my earthy, hot man. And I asked kiddo what he wanted to color of his Dada's Valentine and he said a trash truck because "we both love trash"! I cut out a trash truck and some hearts for him and he colored them and glued them onto a red background.

I got a lovely card with a favorite Gary Snyder poem on it from Kevin and kiddo got a mushroom-themed package in the mail from Grama and Bop because he has been really into mushrooms lately. It included a kit for growing your own oyster mushrooms! I look forward to this project especially because I notice kiddo is so much more interested in healthy eating things when they are things he has grown in the garden or eggs he's collected from neighborhood chickens.

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