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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

We did the short hike to our favorite beach at Pond Park; kiddo lead the way on his own and knew every step! He also stopped frequently to look in all trash cans and collect many rocks.

It was a gorgeous, warm day. We brought our breakfast and ate it picnic style in a bid to get there early. Another mom and son showed up and kiddo got to play a bit with the other child.

Acorn woodpeckers flew to and from a tall cotton wood with a cavity near the top. They sometimes had acorns in their mouths. An egret was perched on a snag in the middle of the river that on past visits has often been visited by the woodpeckers. The egret eventually went to wading near the snag and then flew over towards us and tip-toed along the beach very close to us!

Late morning three hawks showed up calling loudly. They chased and dive-bombed each other. I think they might have been red tails. The Acorn Woodpeckers were a bit less active and visible during this dramatic hawk show!

No geese in the water (kiddo repeatedly pointed out since we usually see them in the water). We did hear many geese and see some flying behind us from the pond north. A pair of mallards snacked by dabbling heads underwater right near us and some other water birds were out by the snag.

Kiddo hiked us out, leading the way back a different way including up a big hill which he did a great job scaling in light of having a recently broken tibia! He had a cast on for three weeks and is doing great now!

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