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I remember the first time I smelled mugwort so clearly.

Not long after I moved to California in 2004 I was at Point Reyes with two friends. It wasn't warm, but it was sunny. We were sharing a thermos of this delicious black tea that was lightly sweetened as we hiked.

My friend picked a leaf of mugwort and handed it to me to smell. It was so heavenly!

Since then I've always noticed mugwort and picked a leaf to smell whenever I pass a patch of it. It's abundant here in Sacramento and we even have a small stand right next to our front door that I harvest from for oil or yoni steam mixes. A tiny bite is a great pre-meal digestive.

I also happen to love the complimentary color combo of red and green. I happened to have red string laying around when I hung mugwort to dry today and I had to take a picture of the mugwort and st. john's wort oils next to the original olive oil and each other. Both of these plants have such rich color in oil.

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