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It's one of those Sacramento nights where, when you step outside, it feels like you are completely a part of the world. The temperature is so ideal it's like wearing something so perfectly tailored to you. You almost can't feel it*; there's no humidity, but it's not too dry.

I stepped out around 7:30ish for just a few minutes and a short nursing session with my baby in my arms. We looked around the garden, noticing the daily changes and noticed it was quiet bird-wise.

Earlier today we drove up to Coloma to do the favorite "Dino Hike" at David Moore Nature area. We saw lots of buckeyes blooming along the road out there, plenty of wildflowers still blooming along the trail and lots of full rafts floating down the river.

*I can hear my husband breaking in here to quote Ned Flanders saying "it's like wearing nothing at all!" in regards to his fancy ski onesie.

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