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My mom and dad left super early this morning and Kiddo and I got a late start but decided to head to the river anyway.

My goal was a quick harvest of some St. John's Wort and to walk by the Killdeer nest and see what was happening. I had a quick trip in mind.

Kiddo had other ideas and led us down a new trail that ended up being a super fun way to approach our usual beach.

We've been hoping to see baby geese or ducks and this is the first day we saw some babies. I think they were Mergansers.

I cajoled him to keep on going past the beach towards the St. John's Wort and the killdeer. We gently harvested a good amount of St. John's Wort and made a pint of oil when we got home. We both wore the harvest aprons my mom made us and it was so easy to harvest! Kiddo mostly "harvested" rocks!

We passed by the killdeer spot and they were gone! There was no sign of them.

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