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We aren't skilled at staying up for the midnight ball drop anymore but we did manage to get all three of us into the car before first light and make it out to our favorite river spot in time for SUNRISE with our #COFFEEOUTSIDE gear in tow.

Sometime after, in February, I committed to a Sunday River Sit Spot at this place. Sunday's I'm solo with Kiddo while Kevin works so it was a good way to get us out of the house early in the morning and get some outdoor time no matter the weather!

It's September now and we made good on this commitment about half of the weeks since. The weeks we missed we were out of state (5 weeks traveling so far this year!), sick, or our car was out of commission (we had to wait two weeks to get all the window replaced after the car was randomly vandalized!).

During the winter sit spots we seemed to see more bird activity and brought nature journal and binoculars along. Once May hit we were stopping to carefully collect St. John's Wort on the way down to the beach each week for our teeny batches of St. John's Wort Oil. We brought scissors, harvest apron and more beach toys and left the binoculars at home.

In all cases we usually brought our breakfast so we could arrive early and eat on the beach.

Looking forward to the next four months to complete our year of sit spots at this little beach!

Photos from New Year's Day include the egret wading, the sun coming up, the coffee making, and the magpie we saw in the parking lot on our way out.

Sit Spot Report

How many weeks did we make it out per month?

(There might have been a couple more trips in there I didn't manage to record especially in June such as evening dinner time trips with the whole fam).

February 3/4

March 3/4

April 2/4 (Oregon Trip)

May 4/5

June 1/4 (Car Trouble)

July 1/4 (Sick)

August 1/5 (Illinois Trip)

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