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I didn't think we'd see rain again until October but it sprinkled this afternoon on our drive home from William Pond. After last weekend's 90 degrees and actually getting in the water this morning's 50 degrees and overcast was welcome by me!

It was super quiet compared to last week too. Last week many red shouldered hawks were calling, the air was filled with birds and the ducks and coots were floating all over the water.

Today there were just a few quiet swallows, a few acorn woodpeckers and a vulture. It felt so quiet.

We explored more than ever before today, walking south to pond from the regular beach. It was so fun and so full of raccoon an bird tracks.

At one point we saw a bunch of blue herons fly up and around at once (with one egret mixed in). I remember Carrie showing us the Heron Rookery a year or two ago at that spot with her scope. We saw quail on the walk in, black swallowtail butterflies on the walk out.

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