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Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Humbling head winds hit me as I head home.

Some statuesque stud sails swiftly past me on a clanky, janky single speed; hands free!

My body does not bicycle as briskly since I birthed two beloved baby boys.

Fueled by the faster fellow passing me and my hope to get home hastily

I push my pedals more passionately now

And in time I arrive


to much merriment making

by the boys building the backyard bonfire

And I take joy in the fig tree,

tenderly trimmed and tidied by husband's hands,

becoming wood,

becoming flame,

becoming the savory scent in my babies' blonde hair as we all tuck into bed together tonight.

*Went for alliteration over accuracy in this title. Not totally sure what defines a sonnet but i'm sure this ain't it!


In benchmarking news there are orb weavers of great size on the bank of the river and mushrooms of great size in high up in the parking lot trees at Whole Foods.

Last week I had quiet time near the parking lot while Baby napped in the ergo and Kiddo was down at the beach with River Days crew. So many birds hung about there, magpies as always. I really noticed all the different sounds they made like clicking / clucking in addition to the corvid-y sound I had associated with them. A California Towhee, maybe a hermit thrush, some scrub jays and tiny birds that I don't know.

This week we saw an adorable oak titmouse, white crowned sparrow and heard woodpeckers on our way out.

Kiddo's Grama visited from Portland a few weeks ago and he went outside and exclaimed to her, "I can't believe it's still this hot after equinox!" She was so impressed with this observation. I was too!

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