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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Yesterday we made it back to our regular beach spot. It was a bit hazy / overcast probably from the Mosquito fire. We saw a BIG coyote from a distance, a couple of Phoebe's at the beach, a big jack rabbit, some ducks and geese. Kiddo got in the water, I waded with Baby in my arms. We ate breakfast on our blanket and hiked across the frog pond to the little road and back to the car that way stopping to skip some rocks along the way. We saw a bright red crawfish.

I've had the feeling that fall / winter is on the way for the first time this year. I know we have lots of hot days ahead of us, but these few days of unseasonably cool along with the almost-equinox lessening light has made summer feel like it's on the way out.

Today we went further upriver to Effie Yeaw Nature Center at 6:30 pm and stayed until after dark. We met with our Neighborhood Naturalist group, shared gratitudes, while sitting on the grass. A big hawk flew low over us and landed in the cottonwood tree.

We took some silent time to each think of an individual question or idea and we then took a silent walk along the trails opening up to answers or input from the land. Our little family was a bit less quiet but Baby settled into nursing as we walked and Kiddo liked using the binoculars and stopping to refill his "firebox" with "coal". (He's been into trains and pretends to be one!). Lots of deer were ambling about. We often see rattle snakes here but did not tonight.

I was taken by this sculptural branch configuration. It reminded me of the missing snag at William Pond (our regular sit spot). It is bigger and more stunning. While it didn't speak to the question I had in my mind it did speak to a theme I've been thinking on lately which is that it's okay to let go of old, comfortable things and know that there might be bigger, better things around a corner.

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