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I had a free Friday morning so Kiddo and I made our way to the river.

We haven't been to the river since Aug 1 since we spent three weeks in Illinois!

The highlights today were seeing the River Days crew who I always learn something cool from and also hearing, then seeing a wren! Not a bird I see often, but this one was really consternated about something and very vocal!

We also saw an acorn woodpecker flying to a fro the vertical snag. A Phoebe sat on a log in the shallows and caught flies. We learned from Carrie at River Days that the Acorn Woodpecker doesn't eat the acorns they store! They eat the bugs that are in the acorns!

Kiddo and I worked on a water way in the sand with buckets and shovels, played hide and seek in tall grasses and noticed that there were still a teeny amount of St. John's Wort flowering, (maybe like 2 blossoms and a few buds). Most of the patch had rusty colored spent flowers and bright green stalks.

Air quality was moderate, skies were a bit hazy, it wasn't too hot!

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