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Updated: May 9, 2021

We headed out to our Sit Spot Sunday spot on a Friday today!

Even though we usually arrive early on Sunday it was much quieter on a Friday!

We made an epic wate way in the sand at the usual beach by digging a little river and pouring in buckets of water.

We hiked back the long way around by the pond and past "Egret Island". With the binoculars we saw a half a dozen egrets and herons sitting on nests high in the trees. We also saw them fly to and fro.

Crossing a rocky part two killdeer started being really loud and flitting about. I think they may have been doing the broken wing display to draw us away from a nest. I'm not sure how this nest hasn't been stepped on. It took us so long to actually see it even when it was right in front of our faces.

Back at home there is a nest in the rose bush right outside our back door. Every time I go out that door I would see a mockingbird fly up and have seen a mockingbird with food in its mouth on the fence. I had thought there must be a nest but figured it would be hard to see with the rose and fence tangled together there. I finally looked and the nest is wedged right between some branches and the fence, low enough to just barely see in it when on tip toe. Yesterday we saw the parent sitting on the nest, then we saw the babies open mouths begging for food later. They are down in the nest so we could just barely see their open mouths. We think there are two.

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