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After a terribly long and intense work week that involved way too much computer time, I took it easy this lovely Saturday and reconnected to the land and my senses (but managed to not even leave my property).

Kiddo and I slept in, had a delicious, healthy breakfast and then went outside and harvested a bunch of our home-grown plants for oils.

We made a white sage, lavender, bay , rose, yarrow, and mugwort. We already had some St. John's Wort steeping and we decanted the dried calendula oil.

It was so restorative to be among these scents and working with my kid and my hands. And especially wonderful to harvest all of these things at home!

We harvested extra bay to make some lovely household cleaner but didn't get to that project yet. We got to take a family nap together when Kevin got off work and that had a delicious homemade dinner, such a balm after a bunch of work-driven take-out.

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