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Summer Solstice was slated for a high of 104.

We went out side upon waking, before breakfast. There's an urgency to soaking up the cool mornings on these hot days.

We wandered around our garden and relaxed. Kiddo picked a perfect strawberry, the first ripe one we have gotten that hasn't had bites out of it by someone else first!

Solstice Celebration: Enjoy the morning coolth and eat the first strawberry!

Later on I had and appointment and Baby drank his first bottle with Dada!

Solstice Celebration: First bottle!

After a dinner of delicious leftovers Baby and I headed out to our Neighborhood Naturalists group Summer Solstice. We shared our gratitudes, marveled at baby, did a bird sit, sung songs around the fire and talked late into the night (late for this early bird mama!)

Solstice Celebration: Fire with Friends!

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