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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Nettles turning their faces to the sun happens now in this place.  This cake embodies the earth in our specific place as it is now.

Made on the Full Moon, in celebration of my deeply embodied and loving friend Liz

whose genuine relationship to the earth here and now is just a pure lovebeam! 

Here in this place, right now, the fir tips have new growth, now the nettles reach just above the chickweed and miner’s lettuce, now the grapefruit are heavy on the trees in my neighborhood. Now the manzanita blooms white against it’s green and red leaves and bark. Now Yarrow is fresh and new with not yet any blooms.  Now thyme curls over the bricks, rich and fragrant. This cake tasted of the earth here and now. Our very early spring is here and this cake bursts of spring: Four layers; two of earthy tasting bright green nettle cake, buttercream frosting infused with doug fir needles and grapefruit. Festooned with manzanita blooms, feathery garland of yarrow leaves, base of thyme, eight rose petals to honor the eight directions and selected from a special rose bush that is a favorite among the kinglets and bushtits here.  And lastly topped with 13 fiery beeswax candles infused with the wish and song of each of the 13 guests for the birth of our sweetest of friends! BODY OF EARTH, HEART OF PERCEPTION.

The cake recipe mostly come from the gorgeous website of The Wondersmith.

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