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I've started a delightful practice of taking a short break in my work day and sitting outside in the sun in the least amount of clothing I can stand given the temps in an effort to get Vitamin D.

The triple whammy of it is it's also a chance to get some "earthing" or "grounding" in and do a sit spot.

I've skimmed some articles on grounding and don't have a lot of knowledge about how it might help our health specifically, but experientially I find myself feeling much better after a day of computer work if I go sit on the earth.

Today as I walked out a squirrel (the one who lives in our garage I think, and a mama by the nipples) was in Mulberry tree scolding down towards the grass. I didn't go over there but was curious if there was a snake or a baby squirrel or what?

After that a new-to-me bird flew into the fig right next to me. I think it might have been a hermit thrush after a quick glance through Sibley's.

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