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The garden is lovely right now. Kiddo has enjoyed starting seeds and planting seedlings in the ground. Garlic, onions, a couple leeks, lettuce, chard, oregano, calendula, mint, poppies, arugula, cilantro, peas are all growing strong. Peach tree has blooms at the tippy top!

The chard and arugula are definitely ready to eat. The lettuce is just big enough to start harvesting. We harvest calendula everyday to dry for oil.

BUT....I'm thinking about not harvesting any of it because stray cats have used it as a poop place. I put down some fencing on the ground so the cats can't dig and they therefor haven't pooped in those places, but they have found little in-between places to poop. UGHGHGHGH... I bought a "scarecrow" thing that sprays water but haven't really dialed that in yet.

With so many dogs in our hood our yard has become attractive to stray cats which seem to be plentiful. And no I'm definitely not getting a dog.

So here's some pictures of some delightful low-cost (well now at least $40 after buying the scarecrow) food we might not even eat:

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