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A couple weeks ago we were at the regular river spot, walking back to car.

Kiddo said, "remember when we found that skeleton over there?"

It took me a second but he was referring to when we found a skeleton of an animal and checked it out two weeks in a row but never did end up identifying the animal. This was over a year and half ago!

He asked if we could go look for it again. We were in a hurry to leave for another obligation and I figured we'd not find it anyway.

Well today was "next time". We were at the river for a bbq and then everybody left so we were exploring with no obligations and I suggested we go look for it. We found it! Not much was left and I didn't have my phone on my so we didn't get a photo, but it was certainly the same one.

Later we took a new trail and found a deer leg with fur and hoof still on it...followed by finding the most of the rest of the skeleton kind of hoisted up onto a shrub by the pelvis. We didn't see a skull but another leg (ankle i guess?) was nearby.

So if you think finding not one, but TWO skeletons is noteworthy, listen to the first and most exciting report kiddo shared with both Dada and later on the phone with Grama.

Me: Kiddo, tell Dada what we saw at the river today!

Kiddo: Dada we saw a shoe and slipper in the river!! Then we went for a hike and then went back to look for the shoe and it was gone!

Yes, a random single dress shoe was floating near the edge and another shoe (maybe a slipper?) was near that sunken under. There were so many curiosities for Kiddo including why there was only one of each and who would leave a shoe in the river? The dress shoe was floating near the top but had some of the green water plants and water in it and that cracked him up too.

Follow up thought on the skeletons: So having seen that new deer skeleton today, I think that skeleton we first saw a year and a half ago was probably also a deer!

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