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I have been super lucky to have an easy, fulfilling nursing journey with kiddo for almost three years!

For various reasons I decided it was time to stop nursing. We talked about it for about week leading up to the day. July 31st was weaning day and that happened to be exactly one month shy of three years.

I told kiddo I would make him a special weaning cake. He requested an orange and red cake. We made the cake together. We went out to the garden together and he helped me select some yarrow and thyme to decorate it with.

Before dinner I said it was time for the last milky. I cried a lot as he nursed on the bed (and I'm crying as I write this)!

After dinner we got out the cake, lit a candle and sung a song of his choice (I'm writing this a month later and I can't remember already, probably a trash song?).

The next day when he wanted milk he insisted we hadn't had ANY cake! And he still asks for milk now, a month later, but catches himself and acts like he's being silly or asks for "'tend milk". AKA Pretend Milk where he fake nurses.

Growing a human and nursing him is one of the things I'm most grateful for in my life. It is such a fascinating, connecting, and grounding experience.

Here's a little mid-cake-baking dance party:

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