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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

In an effort to use a few chemicals as possible I've been "no 'poo" for several years. BUUUUUT have the dregs of a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom for every once and while when I feel like I need a deep clean.

In an effort to work out a hair plan where I don't turn to those products, I tried a White Oak Bark Rinse today:

1 Teaspoon White Oak Bark simmered in 1.5 cups water.

I mixed that about 3:1 with apple cider vinegar. I exfoliated my scalp with a brush in the shower and then worked this rinse in and left it in for about five minutes.

I rinsed it out and air dried my hair and had a Good Hair Day! I think the astringent nature of the oak bark helped get some of the extra oils out of my hair without having to turn to the heavy-duty shampoo! In the past I've used the ACV on its own or with baking soda and based on this one trial run, this works better!

I sipped on Aviva Romm's delightful Nourishment Tea recipe all day today too:

2 parts red raspberry leaf

2 parts nettle

1 part oatstaw

1/2 part alfalfa

1/2 part rose hips

1/4 part red clover

1/4 part spearmint

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